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"Kelly's recovery guide was a game changer. I wish I had found it before my prior surgeries. Money well spent and fun to watch! Thank you Kelly."


"Complete with video's, handy recipes, lists of what to purchase for post-op and tips to heal comfortably, safely and efficiently... this is a Godsend. I highly recommend her educational tool she thoughtfully put together for recovering from plastic surgery."


"My pre-op anxiety was soothed by Kelly's Plastic Surgery Recovery Guide. It contains 2 things to make you more confident...information and tools for preparation. I highly recommend her guide!"


This video series put my mind at ease going into my tummy tuck and breast reduction. I went into my surgery prepared with all the information I gained from Kelly's recovery guide."


You want a GREAT result.

You want to feel good after surgery.

You want to go into your surgery with peace of mind knowing you are prepared for a wonderful recovery.

This video series will tell you (and show you) everything you need to know to have a wonderful recovery after your plastic surgery procedure.

Because what happens AFTER surgery...is just as important as what happens in the operating room.

Whatever procedure you are having ...face lift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, etc... this video series will give you all the information and inspiration to prepare you for the recovery you want and deserve!

Congratulations on your upcoming surgery...Lets get started!


The Foundation

This video will teach you the 6 foundational tools to ensure a wonderful recovery after your plastic surgery procedure and help you

achieve a great result.

Surgeries Above the Neck

Recovery essentials and tips for surgeries

above the neck.

Surgeries Below the Neck

Recovery essentials and tips for surgeries below the neck. Special instruction on getting in and out of bed with the help of your caregiver.


Get ready for some nutrition inspiration to help you fuel a wonderful recovery. Some of my favorite options and how to set yourself up to win with nutrition.

Preparing your Space

Preparation is KEY! This video will walk you

through preparing your home or hotel room

for a great recovery.

Dressing and Drain Care

Explanation and demonstration on how to care

for your drains as well as tips on dressings.


All my insights, guidance and tips- no matter the surgery- in one book.

My Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes and Food Shopping Lists

A shopping list to take to the market with you and my very own chicken and vegan noodle soup recipes

Organizational Tools

A chart to keep your medications organized and my favorite "must haves" for after surgery.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Guide- What's Included


"Nurse Greytok knows what she is talking about. I know that for a fact. If anyone is considering ANY elective and ambulatory procedure, and if you are at all concerned about going home and getting into some sort of postoperative trouble, or even if you just need a little reassurance from a practiced eye, this nurse will take great care of you. Period. Kelly's knowledge is money well-spent."

Kevin D. Myers, MD - Plastic Surgeon

Kelly Greytok RN

Kelly Greytok is a Top Plastic Surgery Recovery Nurse. She travels coast to coast supporting clients as they invest in themselves. She believes that recovery after plastic surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. She created this video series to give people the tools and inspiration for a wonderful recovery.


How long do I have access to the videos and materials?


Does Kelly offer private nursing?

Yes. Kelly offers individual plastic surgery recovery nursing in your home or hotel room. Visit www.kellygreytok.com for more information.

When do I gain access to the videos?

Instantly after purchase

I have more questions...who can help me?

Email Kelly directly at [email protected].

N.S. - San Francisco CA

"Kelly guides and gives invaluable information. With her expertise my husband and I were well informed and prepared. I had an easy recovery with excellent results and we know that Kelly's information played a huge roll in my success."

C.C. - Portland OR

"This video series put my mind at ease going into my tummy tuck and breast reduction. I went into my surgery completely prepared with all the information I gained from Kelly's recovery guide. Im so glad I found her!"

L.O. - Austin TX

"I recently had a lower facelift. I honestly feel that I owe my successful outcome to this video series. I cannot recommend it highly enough!"